I Don't Want Satisfied Customers, I Want Missionaries



There are hundreds of reasons to want to keep our customers once we have worked so hard to earn them. If for no other reason, we know that it costs up to five times as much to gain a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. But "satisfied customers" are fickle. They leave us all too often and for reasons we consider, unreasonable. The satisfied customer feels that he got his moneys worth, he got what he paid for. The problem is, if the customer only feels satisfied he or she will likely continue buying from us until a competitor offers a better price.


We have all heard the expression "silence is golden". Well, nowadays it's even harder to find such silence. Without even opening our mouths and speaking, we create noise. Just going to a movie these days involves a commercial that tells us to turn down our cellphones and to "keep our mouths shut" (though they say it in a nicer way). We are all just a bundle of constant information, and understandably, we want to share our wealth of information with others. But, at the same time, we know that it is difficult to brainstorm or problem solve or be creative without allowing ourselves to be in a quiet environment. Ok.


Timely and correct analysis of emerging sales trends is very important for the continued success of any business. Sales patterns of products in a segment are good indicators of the way the market is going to swing in the coming days. Upward or downward sales trends are indicative of the emerging path the sales will follow. Understanding sales trends perfectly is important to decide marketing strategies and also to retain existing customers.


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